Prep & Process

Painting Project Process

When you hire our expert team at Whatcom Works LLC, we want you to be thrilled with every phase of your painting project.

Whether you are repainting the den in your home or painting your new commercial building before the exciting grand opening event, you can trust our team to do the job right from start to finish. Every project is completed to your specifications.



Protecting Your Property

An important step to a quality professional job is protecting your property. At Whatcom Works LLC we utilize the following methods to protect your property:

  • Protect Landscape, walkways and plants
  • Remove or mask lighting fixtures
  • Cover flooring with drop cloths
  • Cover countertops and appliances with plastic
  • Mask light switches, power outlets, thermostats, doorknobs, hinges and vents.


It's all in the Prep!

Complete removal of old, chipping, loose and flaky paint is critical to the longevity of your new interior and exterior paint job. This is where we are extremely meticulous to make sure your substrates are prepared and primed to receive a fresh coat of new paint.

How We Work

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